The Crave Index:

          Origin’s “Crave Index” is a custom-design algorithm that indicates whether or not consumers are craving your brand in real-time.

The Consumer Motivation Dashboard:

          Origin’s “Consumer Motivation Profile” is a validated psychometric tool that measures what’s driving consumers to make their purchasing decisions.

Personality Index.png

The Customer Review Dashboard:

Origin’s "Customer Review Map" allows you to take hundreds or thousands of customer reviews from sites like Yelp and Trip Advisor and gauge people’s sentiments on a product or service in different parts of the country. You can then identify whether or not different trends exist in different areas.

Customer Review Dashboard.jpg

The Social Network Dashboard:

Origin’s "Social Network Dashboard" visualizes online social media conversation and how different people and their messages are connected with one another. It also helps identify different segments of people based on the types of content they are interested in (i.e. who they follow), what conversation looks like at different times of day, and how quickly (or slowly) brand conversation travels across a social media platform.


Conjoint Product Simulator:

The "Conjoint Product Simulator" uses data output from a conjoint analysis to make predictions about what combinations of attributes for a given product would make it most successful (i.e. which combination would yield the greatest market share). For example, you could investigate questions like, would a silver SUV with leather interior and a sun roof perform better than a black SUV with leather interior and no sun roof?

Conjoint Product Simulator.jpg