What is Your trump card?

The difference between the DNA of humans and chimps is only 2%. That, we believe, is also the difference thatseparates market leaders from the rest of the pack.

That 2% is One More Thing, and we will bring you one. Perhaps, it will be an unexpected customer segment; or a new need your product can satisfy, expanding your market; or a touchpoint you haven’t considered; or a disruptive revenue model. We don’t know what it will be, but we know where to look.

Where does One More Thing come from?

Marketing managers demand better, new ideas.  The search for new ideas usually begins by looking for the right answers.

That's precisely the wrong place to start.

When we start by looking for the right answers, we assume that the questions we have are already the right ones. We don’t question the questions.

And because we assume these questions are right, they tend to be the ones we keep asking over and over.  And what happens then is that the answers we get stay pretty much the same.  

If we want new answers, if we want new ideas, we need new questions.

If you have ever spent time with little kids you know how much they talk.    They ask all these random questions, then their little brains do their thing, and then the kid looks up at you and says one of those things that makes you go “Huh, I’ve never thought of this like that”.  

And that’s innovation – it’s a system that will reliably get us to “Interesting. I’ve never thought of this like that”. Because that’s how new ideas begin. It's a system where we look for questions that might have never been asked before.