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Customer Satisfaction

What do consumers like/dislike about their customer experience?

Origin’s customer satisfaction study looks at in-store expectations, elicited emotions, and performance of customer service. Examining all touch points from interacting with staff or the store atmosphere, we provide insights as to what aspects can be improved.   


Through Origin’s customer experience study, you will answer 3 key questions:

1.     How does customer in-store experience affect customer satisfaction?

2.     What are the aspects of the in-store experience?

3.     How does in-store experience match up with customer expectations and where can the brand improve?

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Customer Review Analysis 

What do consumers say when they rate their customer experience?

Origin’s customer review analysis gets to the heart of the voice of the customer. These insights will give you direction as to how to change your customer interactions and customer touch points to retain customers and gain new ones.  


Through Origin’s customer review analysis, you will answer 3 key questions:

1.     What is the percent of positive versus negative reviews?

2.     What is the content of the positive and negative reviews?

3.     How does the content of reviews correlate with how the customer rates the brand?