Hashtag Extraction

Imagine you are working in an ad agency. One day, a social media strategist intercepts you at the vending machines. He has an urgent request: there’s this Twitter list of important people, and the strategist needs to know what hashtags these important people are using.  “Easy!” you say.  “Come back tomorrow.”

The assignment:

Create and publish a web page that contains a list of all hashtags contained in the posts published within a seven-day period by members of a Twitter list. Allow users to input the list’s URL.  Allow users to sort the list by date (most recent first, most recent last).

Here’s an example of a Twitter list: https://twitter.com/LoveStats/lists/mrx-people. For this assignment, you will need to use Twitter API. Libraries for accessing the API are available in Python, Ruby, and R.    


This problem requires that you extract data from Twitter API using a language of your choice. Typically, the language will be either Python, Ruby, or R, but it’s up to you.  You will need to publish your solution online and send us a URL to the page.  If you can’t publish and instead choose to run the script locally, bring your laptop to the interview to show us the script in action. Please record the amount of time you spend working on the problem.