Cultural Trend Report  

How does my brand become more culturally relevant?

Through cultural trend reports, we can provide forecasting of popular culture so that your brand remains at the forefront of culture and stays top of mind with consumers.


Through Origin’s cultural trend report, you will answer 3 key questions:

1.     What trends are emerging in the category?

2.     What trends are established in the category?

3.     What behaviors and rituals are related to emerging consumer trends?


Customer Journey  

What is your customers' path to purchase?

Origin will use a survey to validate your client customer journey. This includes every step of the process from the trigger, to the information search, to the point of purchase, and post purchase.


Through Origin’s customer journey, you will answer 3 key questions:

1.     Is your customer journey correct? Can it be validated?

2.     How can we quantify different aspect of the journey?

3.     What new things can we learn from the customer journey that we didn't know before?