How is my brand perceived in the category? Does my brand own any attributes?

Origin’s brand positioning study will help you identify where your brand is in the category and what territory it owns. This could mean anything from product benefits to your brand personality and consumer-brand relationship.


Through Origin’s brand positioning study, you will answer 3 key questions:

1.     What territory do you own, if any?

2.     What competitors are infringing on your territory?

3.     What are the dimensions by which the consumer looks at the category?



Is my brand healthy? What does my brand stand for?

Origin’s brand equity study can help you examine key consumer metrics that inform you of the current health of your brand.


Through Origin’s brand equity study, you will answer 3 key questions:

1.     What is your brand's level of awareness, consideration, usage, and preference amongst consumer?

2.     What are your brand's unaided and aided associations?

3.     How does your brand compare to category competitors on key brand health metrics?



Is my brand making the progress I want it to make over time?

Origin’s brand tracker is designed to chart out how your brand equity and brand positioning is changing over time. The brand tracker can link changes in brand equity and brand positioning to marketplace disruptions or cultural trends.


Through Origin’s brand tracking study, you will answer 3 key questions:

1.     How is your brand changing over time on key brand metrics?

2.     What events in the category and in culture are linked to changes in key brand metrics?

3.     What can we forecast for the months ahead?