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About Origin:

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Origin is a market research company specializing in applied psychology and data science.






Staffed with survey methodologists, consumer psychologists, and data strategists, Origin brings a rigorous set of approaches to help solve any business challenge.

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This allows Origin to augment any survey research with additional data sources to help triangulate deeper and more powerful insights. 


Our Thought Leadership


                           Our Team


Kenneth Faro, Ph. D.
Vice President of Research

Ken has a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Clark University, where he completed his dissertation on how consumers construct their identities, in part, from the brands they use. As a consumer psychologist, Ken uses his education and industry experience to create custom-designed and personalized research programs for brands. Ken specializes in using advanced statistical techniques to mine for hidden trends in the data that reveal in-depth consumer insights. In his free time, Ken is a lecturer at Boston University and Emerson College.

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Meagan Schmiemann
Lead Researcher

Meg joins Origin from MarketCast, where she was a Manager of Data Operations conducting creative testing for major motion picture studios. She developed and refined analytic solutions and processes to produce the most actionable insights used to improve movie trailers, TV spots, and digital campaigns. Prior to MarketCast, she gained experience in brand strategy at Boathouse conducting research studies to uncover unique and ownable brand opportunities. Meg has a B.A. in Psychology and Philosophy from Bates College.
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Andrew McManus

Andrew started his career in brand strategy, working closely with pharmaceutical accounts. He specializes in qualitative research design and execution. His passion is in turning raw data into meaningful stories. A Boston native, Andrew holds an undergraduate degree in Applied Psychology and Human Development from the Honors Program at Boston College.

Saya Higano

Saya worked at MarketCast for two years, where she managed the analytics team before joining Origin. She worked with major motion picture studio clients, and conducted domestic and international research on creative materials for film and TV/OTT to help create more effective campaigns through analytics and normative benchmarking. Saya has a B.S. in Psychology with a social and cultural focus from Bates College.

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Erin Breen

Erin has a B.A. in Psychology and Managerial Economics from Colby College. Erin specializes in social listening projects, with previous experience doing research on the scarcity principle and limited time offerings.

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Hugh Lagrotteria

Hugh has a B.A. in Marketing and Information Systems from Fordham University. While at Fordham, Hugh developed a proficiency in the data collection, manipulation, and visualization techniques required for many primary and secondary research methods. His interest in marketing research stems from a desire to be a calculated storyteller, utilizing data-backed insights to drive clients’ businesses forward.